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Saturday, February 1, 2020


31st of January 2020. The Northern Nigeria Youth Organisation duly registered and operating within the constitutions of our dear contry,promoting love, unity, development, peaceful Co-existence urge all the Northern state government's to appoint the indigines of 3 geo political zone in southern Nigeria in all 19 residents, Northern Nigeria in the  cabinets position  both SA PA and Commissioner's etc. This gestur will promote unity in our country Nigeria. We encourage those yet to appoint any in thire respective state to emulate this development. We really appreciate those that have done it greatly. Thanks to HIS EXCELLENCY Governor ZULUM standing to promote equity in this great contry nigeria. Unity for NNYO. Corm Ahmed s. salihu (Sarkin Samari) Ile ife land, chairman Osun State Chapter.

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