Celebration is an integral part of living and deserving of one who has made giant strides in his lifetime. It, thus, becomes an activity of great excitement and praise.
This best described the celebration of Pastor Bisi Olowoyo 60th birthday, Pastor Bisi Olowoyo is the Regional Zonal Pastor of Redeemed Christian Church of God LP19 Strong Tower Sanctuary and business man, he has a lovely family and It was a day of celebration for the families of Pastor Bisi Olowoyo Pastor Bayo Pandy and Rev. Steve Mensah preached and gave some word of exhalations, Pastor Bisi Olowoyo was filled with Joy and laughter the church auditorium was filled to the brim it was a special service different from the regular Sunday services , the Choir dressed in mixture of red and white clothes they sang the popular songs the pastor love to sing , and there was stage play it was focus on the activities of Pastor Bisi Olowoyo activities in the church, when it was time for thanks giving Pastor Bisi Olowoyo , his family members, friends colleagues business partners and the entire church troop out to celebrate with him and it was cutting of the cake with the celebrant with his family , pastors , choir and so on , from the church we proceeded to the Prestigious Music Society of Nigeria (Muson Centre) , the hall was decorated with blue and white, the hall was filled to the brim, friends, colleagues, business partners, members of the church of Pastor Bisi Olowoyo were all present , the event started with the National Anthem with the coming of Prof. Yemi Osibanjo the Vice President of Nigeria he was received by Pastor Bisi Olowoyo and his lovely wife and members of his Church, the Choristers sand 60 hymns by 60 voices in 60 minutes on the 60th birthday of Pastor Adebisi Samuel Olowoyo , Bee Jay Sax was thrilled the Prof. Yemi Osibanjo and the audience , the wife of Pastor Bisi Olowoyo in person of Pastor, Aderonke Olowoyo was filled with Joy and laughter and dancing mood ,the high point of the event was when Pastor, Aderonke Olowoyo sang a love song and praises and poems to Pastor Adebisi Samuel Olowoyo , Pastor Adebisi Samuel Olowoyo was moved to tears and he embraced his lovely wife, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo joined the Olowoyo’s in the cutting of the cake and Tope Alabi took the stage and stole the show and everyone was dancing , she sang most of her favorite songs .
The event was Organized by Dazzle Concepts