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Thursday, February 20, 2020

REVEALED: How Yahoo Boys Murdered Aso Rock Director After Police Betrayed Her

Laetitia Dagan, an assistant director at the statehouse, Abuja, was murdered by ‘Yahoo boys’ after the police allegedly betrayed her, THISDAY reports.
‘Yahoo boys’ is a term used to describe those who engage in advanced fee fraud.
Dagan, 47, was killed about 11 pm on Monday at her residence in Abuja.
According to the newspaper, the late director was uncomfortable when she found out that she was living among alleged fraudsters in Lokogoma area of Abuja.
She contemplated relocating from the area, according to the report which quoted some of her friends as saying.
It said Dagan later reported to the police but they allegedly betrayed her confidence and told the criminals that she was their informant

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