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Friday, February 28, 2020

See The Two Women That Uses Dead Peoples Water To Cook Just To Attract Customers

Feb 26, 2020 5:00 AM
Two nigerian women based in delta confesses of how the uses dead peoples water to cook for people just to attract customers.
This two women confesses when the road closes on them on the 25th of February 2020

The confesses on how the use to go to different mortuaries to meet the mortuary attendance and pay them to be giving them the water the use in bathing dead people before putting them inside the mortuary
The ladies who said the have been on this business for 15 years now and the have hard alot of customers who cannot stay a day without eating their food,
According to them, the said we were doing this because that was the instructions given to us by the native doctor that did the charm for us, baba told us to always be cooking with dead people water so that we can be having alot of sales.
The end of the road comes when the went to a particular mortuary to buy the water and after explaining and striking a deal with the mortuary attendance neither did the know that the main boss of the place has been listening to them and he is their regular customer that can't stay a day without eating from them.
The man quietly alerted the attention of the police to come get them before the could escape.
The two women currently are in the police custody, after the were interrogated and found guilty by the police.
Every evil has an end please share this post to as many as possible for them to know were the eat and drink,
Please what should be done to this ladies??
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