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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Meet popular guitarist & music meastro lade James AKA LADETHAGREAT

LADETHAGREAT formerly known as G6IX is a Lagos based sensational singer, songwriter whose style of music is  fusion of the alternative pop and highlife using catchy lyrics with a killer live show that appeals especially to the young audience...
He started off music at a tender age of 8,first as a  back up singer in a small local church and then advanced  his musical skills by enrolling at MUSON where he studied the  theory of music proper and also learnt how to play  musical instruments like the  clarinet piano and acoustic guitar.
Ladethagreat who has been off the scene for a while, according to him has been away so as to focus on furthering his studies although has been working with other brands on a low either as the the producer  or songwriter , one of his recent work is the  latest  advert of the brand "AIRTEL" where he worked alongside  Oscar (the official producer to X3m Music)...and made an outstanding campaign record for the company...
Lade James  who has played at so many big and small stages both at home and internationally is finally back with a smashing afro classic single, this he titles "VIBEZ"

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