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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Mortuary attendant reveals how food vendors, pastors & ‘runs girls’ use water from cleaning dead bodies to boost their business

A Ghanaian man identified as Shakar Lucas has revealed a lot of trade secrets that go on in the underworld. The man who is a Mortuary attendant claims that the recent demand for water used to bath dead bodies is driven by food vendors, pastors and commercial sex workers rushing for the liquid to do rituals and attract more customers.
According to him, water stored after cleaning dead bodies is being sold for millions of cedis on the black market to those who need it and has become a profitable business venture for a number of people who work in the morgues.
People are using the hairs and water from dead bodies to do some spiritual power. Some women use the dead body water to cook food to sell.”
He disclosed that he has been in the mortuary business for the past nine years.

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