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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Union Bank Ramps Up Support for the Fight Against COVID-19 in Nigeria

Lagos, NIGERIA: Union Bank today announced additional donations totalling Three
Hundred Million Naira (N300million) as part of its multi-pronged approach to tackle the
spread of Coronavirus in Nigeria.
As part of the Private Sector Coalition Against COVID-19, Union Bank has contributed Two
Hundred and Fifty Million Naira (N250 million) into the fund set up by the coalition to raise
N120bn (One Hundred and Twenty Billion Naira) to fight the outbreak in Nigeria.
In addition, the Bank also made a further donation of Fifty Million Naira (N50million) to the
Lagos State Covid-19: Emergency Food Response programme which was setup to support
low income families who will be directly impacted by the state-wide restrictions in place to
limit the spread of the disease. Lagos State currently has the highest number of COVID-19
cases in Nigeria.
Commenting on the Bank’s active efforts to tackle COVID-19 in Nigeria, the Chief Executive
Officer of Union Bank, Emeka Emuwa, said:
“The fight against Covid-19 requires all hands-on deck with close collaboration
between the public and private sector. Union Bank is committed to supporting
Nigeria’s response to ensure the country avoids a pandemic. We will especially be
looking to support ordinary Nigerians who will be disproportionately impacted
economically at this time.”
Last week, as part of its immediate response to the outbreak, the Bank made an initial
donation of N50,000,000 ($130,000) into a $500,000 fund set up by 54gene, an African
genomics research, services and development company working closely with the Nigeria
Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) to fight the COVID-19 menace.

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