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To the glory of God.

The honourable Councillor representing Orile-Agege WARD C recently brought to the notice and attention of the general public his past achievements and contributions towards the development of his Community. A lot of work has been going on underground through my office, but might known to the People, he said"

But nevertheless, "i have vowed to remain committed to my constitutional duties as an elected serving Councillor to continue with the facilitation of physical developments and infrastructural renewal Projects within the Community through the present Local Government Administration led by Hon. Johnson Babatunde, the executive Chairman of Orile-Agege lcda.

While speaking with Agege Tv Online, he said, " I facilitated quiet a number of projects both Major or Minor in my Constituency, part of which is the regrading and tarring of of roads from Emmanuel/first bank bus stop to dorcas morolahun /Egbatedo junction through the efforts of the executive Chairman. "

"With the aid of Hon. JS, i facilitated the rehabilitation and asphalting of sanya olu, inward oladehinde/Ifeloju link to oko oba road."

The poor State of Ademolu/Afuwape/James link to Powerline area is not new to all and sundry. " I could remember my first visit with the executive chairman and his entire management team accompanied by a political leader chief Odeomu made to this area, during our visit chairman said although, this Project is supposed to be a state project, that needs to be recommended and funded with ecological funds by the State Government, but from his own part as a man of the people and responsive Government, i will assist all the affected areas with a Standard drainage System at least to make the vicinity habitable and Channel the flood whenever it rained into the Canal."

"We blessed God that it was during our tenure that we have a performing chairman who has been up and doing.

It was indeed a miracle and achievement worthy of celebration, as the longest street in Oko oba (Itogbe) was given a new look through the support of our elected State Legislators and Council chairman, the role i played by lobbying the appropriate quarters to ensure that this comes into reality can't go unnoticed"

" I have also facilitated the digging of 3 borehole systems within our constituency, as 2 was constructed with the aid of the Council Mayor at Ifeloju Street and Ladoje Street, while the last 1 donated by an NGO called Lions Club international at Owolewa Street, these projects manifested as a result of our effective representation which also earned us a special recognition by an international Community."

" There are some areas that have been highlighted through the CDC/CDA and submitted to the executive chairman at the beginning of the year so as to reflect in year 2020 budget, these streets have been penciled down by the Executive arm of the government and definitely work will be done."


"I have facilitated FREE eye cataract surgery for two affected pupils of Methodist Primary School through an NGO, called Rotary Club international. "

" Less than 10 less privileged children have been assisted and enrolled into public schools as this will make them useful to themselves in the future through my effort"

"I have also donated Sport items to public school within the ward as this will aid their sporting activities during their annual inter house sport events. My Contribution towards giving education a facelift has earned us a Sport House from the School "Green House" also known as **OBANLA HOUSE**"

"I have also distributed FREE GCE and Jamb forms to both indigent and none indigent Students in my Consistency."

On Empowerment Youths/Women's/Widows

"We gave out Free 20 Hair Barbing Clippers to Youths, so as to aid Vocational training and to also empower youths interested in taking up the Business of Barbing as a means of livelihood. "

Donations of Startup Cash to petty traders.

" As part of my oversight functions, " I have donated Free Food Stands/Kiosks to food Vendors with various Food items, part of which are, Cartoons of Noodles, Creates of Eggs and others. This gesture has not only aided the Poverty Alleviation Programs of the Council, it has also served as a succour to the less privileged within our Constituency."

"I also embarked on Quarterly donations of food items/cash to the widows. This gesture has helped to put smiles on the faces of some widows in the Society. "

We have empowered over 97 youths on the area of Vocational training, vis a vis SHOE MAKING, HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT, TAILORING, ANKARA BEADS AND ACCESSORIES, and PHONE REPAIR. where some selected best graduates were awarded with incentives Packages

During the COVID-19, having been among the first set of legislature in Lagos state to have embarked on sharing of palliative Package like FREE HAND SANITIZERS, HAND GLOVES, NOSE MASKS, etc. While sharing of free food were not excluded and given out cash to support an household,

During COVID-19 we also organized free ONLINE LECTURES for Secondary School students, as it serves as an Avenue for the youths to get actively involved and keep them busy

In the area of sports and entertainment, we have done a lot to assist our community as this will uncover the hidden talents amongst our Youths.

Security;.. With the help of Almighty Allah and the supports of my Leader Hon. Adaranijo Taofiq, House of Assembly 02 Hon. Ogundimu, CDA, CDC, youths and progressives comrades of Oko oba we have been able to create a peaceful and habitable environment for our residents, thru liaising with the security agencies, lighting of electricity pole to avoid any dark sport and donation of solar electricity which was sponsored by hon. Taofiq Adaranijo

We should not forget that my primary legislative duty is to facilitate, represent, recommend, suggest, amend where necessary and make a bye law that will suit and guide the intrest of the people represened and to also promote the image of the council to greater heights.

Numerous bye law has been made, and some have just pass through the last reading

1)Bye law preventing illegal roadside parking, as this will aid vehicular movements.

2)Bye law prohibiting dumping of refuse and unwanted waste within our community. A healthy environment is wealthy environment.

3)Bye law on illegal collection of revenue, as this will protect the citizens from being duped by anyone. Community members are expected to pay their dues by going to the bank and pay directly not giving money to anyone directly. This will also aid accountability.

4)Bye laws on domestic violence, child abuse and drug abuse.

I appreciate the leader of the Legislative house with the efforts of other legislators in esuring speedy passage of these bye Laws.

I thank all my Political leaders in my ward, right from Hon Taofeek Adaranijo Mhr for the opportunity he gave me to represent the good people of WARD C within and outside, all LG excos, ward Excos, Zonal chairmen, youths, and womens wing of Oko oba orile Agege Lagos state.

I also appreciate the Executive Chairman of the Council. Mr Performer, he has just demonstrated his God's gift by ensuring politics of inclusiveness.

In a speech delivered by him at the just concluded budget presentation, he said " all his efforts to have turn and uplift the face of Orile Agege is a possible one that was made realistic through the vehemently support of the Legislative Arm."

Thank you all , God bless you
Otunba Isola Ibrahim OBANLA
Councillor representing Orile-Agege WARD C.

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