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Nigeria is the world's fastest growing E&M market

Our Industry impact on the Nigerian economy and people is huge and deserving of proper and deliberate recognition for its productive inputs in developing our country and placing her on the world's map, as we are the happiest nation against all odds who  celebrates everything with diligence to the details of having credible events.
This sector- Event Industry continues to employ diverse industries to execute its peculiar services creates wealth and builds SMES on many scale. Every event held improves lives daily in Nigeria with impeccable cultural showcasing done through exotic production of events, from skilled workers to handyman on different levels.

Events have always been a part of our culture and in the recent past it has received a sudden boost.
The Event Industry has emerged over the past decade as a dynamic sector of the tourism and leisure industries. People will always celebrate,
Celebration itself is perhaps the most common thing we have in the world, crossing all barriers of race, religion, age, ethnicity, politics, economics, education and geography. We celebrate birth, achievement and milestones, life, death, discovery, victory, remembrance, history, patriotism, food, family to mention a few. The Events industry supports jobs, brings money to local economies, and boosts dozens of industries. We wanted to help quantify that impact. Here are some eye-opening statistics on the impact of the Event industry.
*Event industry job growth outpaces the average by 4%
*There were 1.9 million events (corporate, weddings, social) in 2016 alone
*Events account for  billions of direct spending
*The Event industry supports millions jobs
.The Event industry supports billions in salary and wages
*Every 50 Event participants supported one Nigerian job

We are Event Professionals
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