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Monday, July 6, 2020

How God saved me from stray bullet, Lady Prevail recounts her experience.

By Sean Polotee

It was indeed a terrifying experience and a remarkable day for Femi Branch’s Play fest 2020 project director, Lady Prevail, an event planner, teenage counselor and girl child advocate as she almost lost her life to death.

Information reaching us states that, Lady Prevail was cutting lemon grass in Bayeku area of Ikorodu on that fateful day when a stray bullet suddenly hits the knife she was holding after the sound of a gunshot.
She was assisted by neighbors as she could barely walk back home on her own due to panic attack.
She explained how she jumped and screamed at the sound of the gunshot as she thought she has been hit at that very moment.
She further states that the gunshot was fired from one nearby bush as there were cultist therein attempting to kill a score as detected by community elders, they came via ferry from Ajah to Ikorodu, three in number as disclosed by the victim who has been severely injured by the bandits, they took to their heels the moment they noticed movement around, while on the run to escape, one of them with the gun fired a shot at their victim but missed his target as he was fleeing for safety with his colleagues.
The community men at first thought the badly injured fellow was the one that shot the gun but he explained how God has used Lady Prevail to save his life, he was assisted to hospital for treatment after the culprits escaped.
I am glad that God used me to save a life and I didn’t lose mine in the course. Said, Lady Prevail.


  1. Thank God for his protection over your life Mama 😘😘😘

  2. May God keep guarding and guiding you Lady prevail. The country needs more people like you not those scallywags. What a country!!!! There should be serious gun controls. At times one wonders if we really av a govt