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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Edo 2020: Primate Ayodele Predicts Bloodbath

Primate Ayodele has predicted violence and bloodbath in forthcoming Edo 2020 governorship election.

The Spiritual leader explained that he foresees bloodbath if care isn’t taken and that Politicians shouldn’t play with the lives of Nigerians in the election.
Primate Ayodele maintained that what is happening in Edo state is a serious case that calls for urgent attention of the federal government.
‘‘What is happening in Edo state is a serious matter, I foresee bloodbath if care isn’t the lives of Nigerians shouldn’t be played with. The federal government need to quickly intervene into this matter before it gets out of hand”. Prophet Ayodele added
Primate Ayodele
On insecurity, He also advised President Buhari to change his service chiefs or else God will get angry with his government.
‘It is end time for his service chiefs, if He doesn’t remove them, it will cause God to be angry with his government’
It is worthy of being noted that Primate Ayodele in 2020 warned President Buhari that his service chiefs should be changed because they have nothing to offer.

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