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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

A man without blemish... Captain Wells Hosa Okunbo.

by Rt. Hon Bright Omokhodion, former Speaker, Edo State House of Assembly.

Captain Hosa Wells is a consummate philanthropist and a household word in Edo state, emanating largely from his deep impart on the lives of the common man and corporate institutions in the society. Captain Hosa Okunbo is one exceptional Benin man that has used his God given talents, time and treasury for the emancipation of the common man. He's the hero of the unsung Nigerian who has no godfather to pillar his desires.  He is the quintessential egalitarian who transcended the ropes and is today one of the 'big boys' of the evolving Nigeria neo merchantile economy. Captain has a cursory disposition towards humility and one of the most unassuming billionaires the black race has ever produced. Captain is   very passionate about his string of business and makes humongous successes of them. From industrial engineering to high tech farming, through the very highly wired terrain of oil and gas, Marine engineering, Hotels, Logistics and real estate. Recently he resorted to newspaper publications to call the Governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki to order. His very detailed and well laid out expose` of the dwindling relationship between him and the governor based largely on an unfounded misconception and fuelled by the reelection ambition of the latter, was so well articulated that the Governor had to beat a retreat and openly apologized for his reticence.  Capt. Hosa enjoys
enormous good will in the societ and being a 'son' of the Palace is an added virtue to his integrity. He's a great mobilizer of the youths of the society and understands the psychology of hunger and wants. He creats social structures that endures through jobs and employment generation, provision of very supportive scholarship, and health care support facilities. It is on record that he pioneered private hostel development in tertiary institutions in Edo to address the acute deficit in the accommodation of students.  He represents the new face of Edo especially in the quest for growth and development. He's most deserving of National honours and his untiring efforts in industry development, Marine engineering, direct foreign investment into Nigeria makes him outstanding for praises.

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