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Friday, September 11, 2020

ISG Offers To Help African Leaders Eradicate Poverty, Grow Economy

The Chief Executive Officer of ISG &  Partners, Mr Steven Tuinstra has
expressed the readiness and commitment of his organisation to compliment the
effort of African leaders in ensuring economic growth and halt poverty advancement  on the continent. 

Tuinstra believes that with the enormous resources in Africa and the capacity of
its citizens the continent only requires partnership from development oriented
organization to maximize the potential.
The ISG & Partners CEO noted that most African leaders are adequately
prepared to change the fortune of their various countries but are limited in
financing to actualize their objectives. He said having lived in Africa for no less
than 2 decades he can confidently declare that the leaders are indeed focussed
and are willing to improve on the economy of their nations.

Speaking through ISG's Director of Media,Moses Owopade, Tuinstra promised that
ISG & Partners across the world will extend their financial capacity to improve
the economic growth on the continent.
According to the ISG & Partners CEO, to create economic growth we have to
start with the infrastructure such as transport and energy.
''For example 600
million people in Africa still have no access to electricity. Investing in health care
makes no sense at all as long as the ordinary people do not have the money to
use it. The people who can afford it go abroad''

According to him, the Chinese government has lifted 800 million people out of
poverty in 10 years.

''We can also make this happen in Africa. As a direct result of
infrastructure development, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to start a new
business and need staff to do so. On this way you will create job
in Africa so that the ordinary people can also go to the hospital when they have
health complaints, and then the time is also right to invest in health care''

Tuinstra during a meeting at ISG & Partners office Togo identified quality power supply, good roads, functional rail way
services and effective air ports as areas that can expedite economic

He said good railway services will enhance cheap and good
movement of both goods and services on the continent, even as
he noted that Africa has got quality people, good climatic condition
and education that can improve and increase wealth on the continent.
The ISG & Partners boss also stressed that  the need for young Africans to
immigrate to other continents will diminish when they can find a good job with
prospects in their own country.

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