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Exposed:Kwara Poly Rector Fingered in Multi Million Naira Contract Scandal


*....Pseudo Company introduced to help Diversion of Fund*

There's ongoing serious grumbling among top echelons staffers of Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin over revelation of another well coordinated financial corruption and  allegations of nepotism which revolves around The polytechnic Rector , Dr Abdul Jimoh Mohammed in connivance with board members and other staff of the institution, this medium can reliably gathered .

 The Rector until his  appointment was a staff of  the Federal polytechnics, Offa .

Upon his appointment in November 2019, the Rector in a bid to make money and impress his  employer created an impression that there existed ghost workers in the system and caused an investigation to be launched with the aim of fishing out ghost workers .

Without following any lay down financial regulation of the school,   the Rector ordered disbursement of over 50million naira to prosecute an investigation which eventually could not yield   anything. Some of the polytechnic staff who work in Bursary and Accounting departments  which are key signatories to the institution accounts drew attention of principal officers to financial withdrawals which have not been following due process and the consequences such may bring upon them if not quickly addressed but all their complaints fell on deaf hears 

*How Rector , Board Members, set up well Coordinated Fraud Enterprises which fetch them Millions on Monthly basis*

The coordinated fraud began with the Rector approaching FCMB Bank with his plan to transfer  all polytechnic salary  accounts to the Bank if the Bank can build him a befitting 4-bedroom Duplex with a motorised borehole  . Some people close to the Rectory confirmed to our correspondents that the Bank had built  the house and handed over the key to the Rector. This medium can also confirm that the Salary accounts of Kwara polytechnic has been moved from Keystone Bank to FCMB as at press time .

 Another one which came as rude shock to all management staff is the disengagement of DALASH TECHNOLOGY who had been facing different panel as regards their mismanagement and misappropriation of portal services with connivance with both former and some present management staffs of the school where they are being investigated by the "Visitation Panel" setup by the Kwara State Governor where their report is not yet release and Rector still singlehandedly disengaged the Messer DALASH. Before the sudden  disengagement, the company had already completed the processing of 2019/2020 post UTME applications intake and others programs expected of it.  But shortly after , the Rector demanded that the company submit to him; the report on how many post jamb applications was received by the school and how much the company is willing to charge on each application . 

The company submitted that it received about 25,000 applications for admission but that the company had concluded *Not* to charge the polytechnic for that  services  since they have been carrying out several assignments for the institution. The Rector after receiving the report immediately disengaged the company and announced his intention to bring in new company named "GLOBALWISE TECHNOLOGY " to replace their former I.T Consultant.

However , trouble started when the next day , three  vouchers of almost Ten million naira(#10,000,000) each  were  raised to be paid for 2019/2020 post UTME processing service charges for  *"Global Wise Technology "* a new company that is yet to start any operations for the school . It should be noted that the operation which the school is paying the new company for was carried out by the company that was abruptly disengaged by the Rector.

 The question the polytechnic community are asking now is  that what is "Globalwise" a company that is yet to begin any project for the school being paid for on monthly basis "Globalwise" as at press time is yet to be properly engaged by the school, no letter of engagement nor any MOU signed with the company to indicate that it has commence working for the polytechnic.

 Obviously, these millions of naira been charged for non-existing which is being withdrawn on Monthly basis from school account are been  shared among the Rector , the council Chairman and its members and other supporting senior staff whom they see as loyal to their course .

Many of the senior staff began to grumble as  they saw this as a big setback for the institution that live on only its own internally generated revenues . It has gotten to stage in kwara polytechnic that only the Rector now decide who sign for withdrawal and those who relate with the banks on behalf of the school , a complete breach of financial law of the institution.

*Polytechnic Bursar, Accountant Became first Scapegoats*

When the internal grumble was becoming too loud to bear , the first officials to suffer the Rector's sledge hammer are the Polytechnic Bursar and Chief Accountants who are both signatories to the school accounts .

 When it seems to the Rector and rest schemers that the two Principal officials may be too rigid for them to influence, the Rector bought over the School Registrar and caused suspension letters to be served against  the Bursar and the Chief Accountants. 

One funny thing about their suspension is that there is no report of any misdeeds or sharp practices that has been established against this people and even there is, it has not been proven so to warrant been suspended. Aside from the suspension letters from the Registrar , there was also another letter from the Ministry of Tertiary Institution which instructed that the Bursar and Chief Accountant step Aside . All efforts to get the Rectors and councils chairman position on these controversies proved abortive as calls made to their MTN lines were not connecting 

*Junior Staff Imposed as Acting Bursar*

Following illegal suspension of the Bursar and the Accountant ,  the Rector in connivance  with council members have introduced one of the junior staff in Account Department, Mrs Abdul Monsurat Ronke as the new acting Bursar to be recognised by all Banks for  transactions 

The polytechnic Bursar , Hajia Aishat Mohammed was thereafter asked to sign the letter introducing Mrs Monsurat Ronke as replacement in acting  Bursary capacity but the suspended Bursar declined such request claiming her suspension has no basis under any known law .

*Ethnic Crisis Looms*

Following illegal suspension of Hajia Aishat Mohammed who's from Kwara north as Bursar and introduction of junior staff , Mrs Monsurat Ronke as replacement,  the polytechnic is now saturated with suspicions that the Rector and the council Chairman who are all from Ilorin, kwara central are trying to edge out those from Kwara north off the system. A practice that is against the standing operating procedure of the state owned polytechnic.

 Although Hajia Aishat Mohammed has not relate with anyone; her position on the entire crisis and is yet to react to her suspension but some polytechnic staff who see such action as injustice on the woman and entire kwara  north which she represents have started making moves to defend blow the crisis out of proportion . 

Some Kwara north staff who felt offended by the new shady arrangement have approached the Speaker , Kwara house of Assembly, Rt Hon Yakubu Danladi who also a kwara north man to register their displeasures at the open display of nepotism by the new management of  the state own institution.  Their complaint is that even if the Bursar had done anything wrong , then her replacement should have been another person from Kwara north since the management structure of the polytechnic is billed to reflect the cultural diversity of the state .

When this medium contacted the Bursar on telephone, she refused to utter a word but just hung up on our correspondents who put the call through.

*Rector, Council Chairman Accused of Dictatorial Tendencies*

Apart from the shady financial controversy , the Rector and the council Chairman have both been fingered in several conspiracies capable of setting the institution on fire .  Some of the  aggrieved staff who confided in this medium also talked of dictatorially tendency of the Rector while taking sensitive decisions that may affect the school like that of Global Wise Technology.

"The Rector since his coming have been lording his personal decisions on the school , he doesn't call for management meetings , all he does is to find a conducive hotel where he sit with the council Chairman, and some staff who are in his good book to relate with . Whatever they discuss there is what they bound on the school ." One of the staff told this medium on phone .

The Rector was also accused of distributing juicy contracts to his families instead of the usual advertisements that the law required the school management . 

"He run the citadel as his family estate , what we are not sure of is if the Governor is aware of his actions but in most cases , he scared us by claiming those were directives of the Governor . All contracts, jobs opportunities and work execution are not brought to management fora again , they are his personal  decisions , he has not been engaging anyone aside from those he considered loyal to his ways. " another senior staff also says .

A female polytechnic staff who also spoke to our correspondents confirmed the Rector's overbearing attitudes

"This Rector is too desperate to amash wealth and change his family's fortune , as am talking, one of the Polytechnics cars is his wife's personal car with a personal driver being  taking care of from the income of the institutions" -said the female lecturer 

With the way things are going in the institution, our suggestion is that Governor Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq needs to swing into urgent actions and investigate all these before they get out of hand.

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