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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Stop being simple and falling for Fulas’ deception and low-level PSYOP.


On October 1st, 2020, the Yoruba nationalists organized impactful rallies in 7 continents, campaigning for the secession of Yoruba nation from Fraudgeria. Something unprecedented happened during the rallies: the Yoruba nationalists and IPOB members marched side-by-side. 

Seeing the genuine camaraderie that the Yoruba nationalists and IPOB members displayed during the rallies, the Bororo presidency went into a panic mode. On October 2nd, the presidency had a closed-door meeting in Aso Rock. 

What’s the outcome of the meeting?

On October 4th, two MI6 agents arrived at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, Abuja, on a British Airways Flight. No sooner had they landed than they met with 3 high-profile officials from the presidency. According to my source, the two MI6 agents were invited to Fraudgeria to advise the presidency on how to break the prevailing Southern unity. #ENDSARS was birthed! 

The presidency hired two prominent actors from the “BRING BACK OUR GIRLS” reality show to be the face of #ENDSARS campaign. On October 8th, the #ENDSARS campaign officially started. 

On Wednesday October 14, 2020, the British High Commissioner to Fraudgeria  visited Tinubu in Lagos (part of the game plan) to discuss Tinubu’s alleged role in bankrolling the #ENDSARS campaign. Tinubu was dumbfounded and denied the allegation.

Confused yet confident, Tinubu called the presidency a day after his meeting with the British High Commissioner. He spoke to the Vice-President, Prof Osinbajo, about the allegation brought against him. Osinbajo was pleasantly surprised about the allegation and told Tinubu not to worry. Prof Osinbajo subsequently sent out a series of Tweets, begging the masses for forgiveness and promising to reform the police force.

When Tinubu thought the allegation was behind him, Miyetti Allah came out publicly to accuse him of being the sponsor of #ENDSARS protests. The group alleged that the protests were organised to undermine the Buhari administration and intimidate the North not to seek the presidency beyond 2023. Tinubu, however, dismissed the allegations via a statement released by his spokesman. 

In the morning of October 20th, the presidency called the governor of Lagos State, Gov Babajide Sanwo-Olu, informing him to get ready for the presence of Fraudgerian troops in Lagos. Gov Sanwo-Olu quickly went on air and imposed a 24-hour curfew on Lagos. The same evening the Fraudgerian troops entered Lagos and opened fire on unarmed, peaceful protesters. Scores reportedly killed and many injured. 

Expectedly, the next day, there were series of reprisal attacks on government properties in Lagos. Among the attackers were Bororo mercenaries who were hired by Miyetti Allah to burn down Tinubu’s properties in Lagos and the palace of Lagos foremost king, Oba Rilwan Akinlolu, hoping the Igbo residents of Lagos would be blamed for the spurious attacks. 

In all, the Bororo presidency and Miyetti Allah seem to have destroyed Tinubu’s political career, but would they be able to destroy the fragile Southern unity? Will Fraudgeria even survive this mayhem? Only time will tell.  

Culled from ifa dare wall

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