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Tuesday, October 13, 2020



Abuja based cleric and General Overseer of Shiloh Word Chapel Prophet I O Samuel has lend his voice to the ongoing #endsars and #endpolicebrutality protests presently embarked upon by Nigerian youths.  The Prophet who shed tears while praying on the Mountain for God to intervene in the  current crisis presently rocking Nigeria. 

Prophet I O Samuel while preaching yesterday asked the Government to help put an end to Police Brutality and also to invest in talented Nigerians. In a post on his official Instagram handle @prophet_i_o_samuel he wrote “ Nigerian youths have a lot to Present at 60 worldwide, look at this great talents etc. How can we kill this blessings from God as children;  at 60 what did our leaders present??? Corruption in our judiciary, INEC, NDDC, NNPC, EFCC, ICPC; etc. Every where in our Government there is open corruption, but our youths are full of inventions worldwide. So intelligent, talent wise great so special uncountable stars in one Nation. All they need is a little push and support, the leadership encouragement just security conducive environment to function, constant light, good road, transparent government, to stop looting and embezzlement of public funds that you transfer to other nations and your citizens are dying of food hunger. God is watching what is not yours will never last in your hands or generation be wise to build the future of your next generation no  one grows younger after serving the public do something to save your children after studies In expensive schools abroad they will come back to meet the ones left on the Street to be useless under brutal environment. Time will tell am proud to be a Nigerian youth many things to address soon but President Buhari, Inspector General of Police should Endsars in peace first, then we speak of other major issues in this affecting our nation. In Nigeria Sars kills youths Just for smoking weed but in USA is legalized, what if is your son ? Soon it may be legalized for cure in Nigeria.  If you have laptop or iPhone you are into yahoo, pay now with ATM card or be killed. Civil cases between friends ends up in Sars brutality. I saw poor widows with placards on the street, crying stop killing our Children and our Future  There Is No Peace For The Wicked. Nigerian youth I salute your perseverance and Patient.  I stand with Nigeria Youths NO MORE SILENCE.”

The popular cleric also wants erring police officers to be brought to book and abuse of human rights should be curtailed. He also suggest community policing, central and high CCTV cameras  to fight crime and intelligent cyber detections on fraud

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