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ISG CFO, Tuinstra, Reveals Why Africa Must Develop A Long Term Vision To excel.

 The CFO of  International Service Group (ISG) and Partners, an international outfit that mainly funds  infrastructural projects of  Africa governments and entrepreneurs in the continent, Mr Mike Tuinstra, has silenced insinuations that Africa is a hopeless continent, just as he  stressed the need for the Africa continent to develop a long term vision to make for growth.

Speaking during an interview  with  Mr. Moses Owopade, Media Director of ISG & Partners Mike Tuinstra, CFO of ISG & Partners said ''if Africa is still called the hopeless continent in 2020 that is certainly not right'' 

According to him: It is known that many African youngsters want to emigrate abroad, Europe is one of the favorite destinations, because for them it is the paradise where everything is possible and allowed. That is not a realistic image. Instead what you get is a different system which has its own advantages and challenges. I should know, I was born and raised there. But at the same time I can understand, there is little perspective for young people to get a job in Africa. 

Speaking further,  the ISG & Partners CFO, said he believes that one of the reasons for the misbelief is that many Africans are short term thinkers, for example; when a new government begins their 4-year term, they have a plan they want to accomplish over the next 4 years, in some cases it is not possible to implement the plans in 4 years. ''After that, a new government will come and make a new plan for the next 4 years, in most cases this new plan is not in line with the plan of the previous government, in a nutshell we start all over again. ''This is one of the main reasons why the infrastructure problem is not being solved but is getting bigger all the time''

To solve this persistent problem, 

Tuinstra said: when government X make their plan for 4 years, then it must be continued by government Y and subsequent governments if necessary.

'' He also recommends that governments hire qualified companies to make feasibility studies, now this is often done by the tech team of a particular ministry, but they lack the necessary know-how. 

''The infrastructure projects must also be able to support themselves and to build in collateral in crisis situations so that a government can always meet their financial obligations. 

''Africa must get rid of the fact that in a financial crisis they have to ask their financiers to forgive their loans''

Part of Tuinstra's solution  to the underdevelopment in Africa, ''is to  include the continent in the global economy, and not just via African charity and AIDS research, but instead through African infrastructure development. 

''And I think that Africa can import and needs everything the whole world can manufacture. They have enough money to pay for it. It's just that the money is in the ground'' he concluded.

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