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Sunday, November 1, 2020

Meet a veteran song writer Bigjoo, set to launch new song - IRE

Temitayo Joseph bolade is from #Sosan akoko south east  isua local Government area. The music star has being producing music since 2007. Whose career has being blossom with innumerable news paper and radio interviews across the country. However,

the hip hop rapper graduated from the department of mass communication in federal polytechnic Auchi. 

#BigJoo explains extensively the reason he dumps circular for Gospel music; " there is great gain to serve God with everything we have including our talents and gift". Talking about #IRE and it's concept, the brain behind this song was holy spirit! However, I got the inspiration after my morning devotion, via playing and worshiping God with my keyboard that great day.

The song #IRE was composed specifically to explore and express the energy of healing and wellness, infused with the qualities that generate positive feelings, providing a safe harbor and sense of calmness in way that the listener could draw comfort and strength to face challenges of life. 

Conclusively, the impart of this particular song #IRE can never be overemphasized! It could be considered as a healing music, which the vibration passes through our being, free from the constraints of language. It moves effortless beyond the wall of logic and reason, tapping into our essential nature.

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