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Friday, December 18, 2020

Paul Adefarasin - The Experience, the Men & Women Behind the Scenes.


The Visionary - Metropolitan Paul Adefarasin.

Pastor Paul Adeolu Adefarasin is a globally renowned preacher, an astute teacher, an impeccably eloquent public speaker, and a vocal agent of social change. Pastor Paul as he is fondly called is a man whose story is one that is very evident of the grace of God upon the life of a man, as his church, House on the Rock which started humbly in his mother’s living room has now grown widely across Nigeria, Africa and the globe, with about 50 daughter churches across the world. He is married to Pastor Ifeanyi Adefarasin who is also a co-pastor with him at House on the Rock.

My Experience from The Experience 15 - 5  Attendees Share Their Testimonials

The Experience has come and gone, but for many who participated in the virtual event, they are still marinating in the musical bliss that was The Experience 15. The Experience Global was a much needed panacea from the wounds that have been inflicted to humanity by the COVID-19 pandemic and the various challenges that 2020 served. The world was in need of a healing and revival, and that was exactly what The Experience delivered.

It is near impossible to sift through the millions of reactions, expressions and comments garnered at The Experience, but a few were selected, and this is what they had to say.

”It was an exhilarating experience for me and was very much needed in this very trying time. Seeing the world unite with one voice in worship to God in spite of the barrier of language was really awesome. I indeed enjoyed every minute of it”. – Ibitamuno T. Port Harcourt.

“I felt the arms of God wrap round us in a huge warm hug... The sheer ability to connect with worshippers across the globe, knowing that we were doing what we are called to do at the time we are called to do it, just set my heart on fire. Truly amazing.....” – Aniekan U. Enugu.

“The Experience has always been an experience to everyone that partakes in the event. There were times in the programme one would just reflect on all the things he/she has been through and would just burst into tongues appreciating God for all the troubles and successes for the year.

This year's experience is nothing short of the numerous physical editions of The Experience we've had. The stage, ministers, settings, props, arrangement, lighting and all were all perfect.  Who says excellence is impossible should watch TE15. I trust God for more enablement and resources for subsequent ones to come in the years ahead.  God bless the angel at HOTR and his beautiful wife. Experience is always an Experience”. – Samuel E. Uyo, Nigeria.

“Best Experience ever. I didn’t know when tears dropped down my eyes. It is well.” – Godwin A.O Lagos, Nigeria

 “This is my 3rd time being a participant at The Experience and I must say this one knocks the rest out of the park; not just because it showcased phenomenal organizational and technical prowess, but also because it absolutely shattered the barriers of distance, travel and other logistical nightmares. I was away on a work trip, yet in the comfort of my hotel room, and on my mobile device, I was able to enjoy every minute of The Experience without having to catch a flight back to Lagos. That was something very huge for me. The musical collaborations by the best of the best, and the goodwill messages from across the globe also had so much impact on me. I felt God move on the earth, and I know I will never forget this Experience for the rest of my life.” – Favour N.M – Abuja.    

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