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Friday, December 18, 2020

Socioeconomic and Entertainment Value of House of the Rock's The Experience

The African event sector had been on the rise in the years prior to 2020. A lot of African countries were hosting destination events that attracted fans, audiences, and attendees from countries the world over. A few of these events became staples and found themselves in world event calendars. This was no small task seeing as the majority of information about Africa traveling around the world was negative. One of these events is House of the Rock's “The  Experience”

Since the birth of this great concert, the organizers sought to make its December date stamped and sealed as its own. This would mean that many other events and happenings would revolve around it. It’s safe to say that the show, which has now been running for 15 years has managed to achieve that. Most other December events taking place in Lagos, Nigeria, and even Africa, had to look out for The Experience’s date to fix theirs. The socioeconomic value was beginning to be very apparent.

This kind of pull was influenced largely by the magnitude of the performance and participation on the show. The show had been able to gather artists and attendees from Foreign countries and continents from across the globe. Artists like Michael W Smith, Planetshakers, Travis Greene, Abishai, Samuel Sonkambie, Martin Neil, Priscilla Campbell-Jones, Tina Brookes, and Teni Tinks, Sidney Mohede, Sonnie Badu, Chevelle Franklyn, Maverick City, Hillsong United, and Ana Paula Valadão, are all on the events CV. WIth all performing on the TE stage individually and collectively.

The entertainment value of The Experience (TE) is world-class. The event has attracted a large number of worshippers since its inception in 2006. Over 70,000 attendees showed for the first show and The 2019 edition, saw up to 1 million. Each year, The TE gospel concert provides an array of economic benefits and opportunities whose impacts cover a wide range of industries in the country directly or indirectly. The magnitude of participation gave vendors, project managers, instrument and technical crews, logistics personnel and companies, FMCG and many other industries an opportunity to plug into the spectacle.

The Experience gospel concert usually has its own customized T-shirt specifically for the event every year. The organizers started this and encouraged members of their church to buy and wear to church before the event. By doing this, the organizers were able to successfully open another angle of business for the cloth designers, facilitating successful business collaborations between vendors and their clients for other potential business opportunities.

In addition,  companies and individuals saw it as an opportunity for networking and forging new business alliances and partnerships. Most companies and individuals come to the ground each year with their flyers and advertising materials to share with people.

During the 2017 edition of The Experience, a popular malt company in Nigeria gave out free malt drinks to over 500,000 people that were present at the venue. By giving out the drink for free an average consumer at the venue had a real taste of the product and will be more inclined to purchase when he or she comes across it.

From a personal perspective,  a company can leverage this opportunity because it provides more direct contact to thousands of potential customers, thereby saving the cost of placing adverts on billboards, receiving direct value from the interaction of their products with potential customers in the process.

The Experience 2020 Global edition was threatened by the pandemic but still went on to some aplomb. The event was reimagined and made into a completely virtual experience. TE 15 saw an array of ministers from around the world come together to worship, fellowship, and pray with the virtual audience.

Just like previous editions of The Experience, the 2020 edition has come and gone but it has left a positive impact on the lives of everyone who participated. It has created more job opportunities for sound engineers, Information Technology(IT companies), and even the telecommunications sector was among various sectors The Experience 2020 has been able to positively impact. It has improved the lives of average Nigerians, boosted businesses, and added to the economic growth of the country

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