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The rumour is rife, with regards to Lagos Mainland Politics vis- a- vis preparations for the forthcoming State and Federal Elections, that certain aspirants, apriori, are favoured by Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu,

our respected National Leader and Mr Babajide Sanwoolu, the Governor of Lagos State.               As people who are well grounded in democratic norms and practices and who do not subscribe to unfounded rumours, we were reticent in dignifying the propounders of this outlandish, potentially disruptive and retrogressive innuendos with any respinse especially for the following reasons:              1. Asiwaju, whose name is being peddled as one of the proponents of this political sacriledge of a rumour,is known as an avowed democrat who, particularly in recent times, has been vehement in condemning any form of imposition in APC.He has been qouted, too, severally that even in his Presidential bid in APC, he is not subscribing to any CONSENSUS ARRANGEMENT BUT FULL FLEDGE PRIMARY ELECTION where the most prefered Candidate emerges through a recognised and acceptable ELECTORAL COLLEGE in line with APC PARTY CONSTITUTION, ELECTORAL ACT AND THE NIGERIAN CONSTITUTION WHICH IS THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND.                     2. AS democrats, too, even though we are not unaware that both Governor Sanwoolu Babajide and Hon Wale Oshun(Apex Leader in Leader in Mainland) are from the same town in Ogun State, we, nonetheless, do not believe that these ' leaders' would condescend to the level of rubbishing our democracy at this stage of our national development. Every Politics is local, like they say, and we believe all leaders would conduct themselves respectably and responsibly enough by allowing democratic tenets and procedures to throw up Lagos Mainland preferred candidates in the forthcoming elections, be it assembly, reps, senate etc. Anything short of this, needless to say, would mean these concerned leaders would have precipitated a ruinous journey which could prove regretable in all ramifications.            The above mentioned understanding was responsible for our initial restraints in disregarding the said rumours but we have noticed that the said rumours have cintinued to gain currency and our silence could also mean beign complicit in attempt at murdering democracy in our Local Government Area, hence  this response.                     Let it be said that historically, our people in Lagos Mainland have never been known to be cowards. Our people appear silent now because the veracity of the said rumour is not yet confirmed.. If indeed such is being contemplated at any level,we hereby advise it is shelved forthwith as IT CAN NOT, IT WILL NOT FLY, BOTH LEGALLY AND MORALLY. LET ALL ASPIRANTS GO TO THE FIELD, CONDUCT THEMSELVES PEACEFULLY AND BY SO DOING, LET DEMOCRACY WIN IN LAGOS MAINLAND! 


 A word is enough for the wise ooo. Lagos Mainland Local Goverment is not for sale!  CONCERNED MAINLANDERS.

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